Discovering Mindfulness: How to fight loneliness

Discovering Mindfulness: How to fight loneliness

When I launched BHAUS I said I was going to start a series called Mindfulness52. With this, I was going to share a mindfulness tip every week and interweave my upcoming podcast, An Abundance of Things! With Brett, with some posts. When I couldn’t think of the right topic to talk about I became frustrated and when I started to write, I didn’t know exactly what to say.

That’s when the obvious hit me: I’m not as mindful as I think I am. I do a lot of practices and I live my life with love, but I still have a lot to learn. So, I’m renaming the series to Discovering Mindfulness, because I want us all to do it together. I’m no expert, so I’m going along this journey with you.




I was very fortunate to have 16 days off over this holiday season. The beginning was nice to have with family, but once New Years was over I found that I had time to actually settle down. This is something I’m not the best at.

It was then that I started to feel something that I haven’t really felt before. The feeling of loneliness. Since being out of a relationship I’ve been working very hard on my mental and physical health, but this was something new for me. I challenged a lot of the thoughts and the feeling of grief while I was still in the relationship, so when it came time to end things, I felt very at peace with it. Now going through the stages of grief, I’m in the loneliness stage. It’s the missing a companion thing. Similar to death when you miss your loved one. Someone who was there for you regardless of the times. Just knowing someone was going to walk through the door.

It’s not a sad feeling. And I felt I had to make sure I told family and friends this. I didn’t want them to worry about my mental health with all the work they know I’ve been doing. It’s just getting used to someone not coming home, knowing you are the only person who is going to walk through the door, and it’s just me now.

I sent out a post on my Instagram stories and from that I got around 15 responses. I don’t usually show that side of me online, but what I found was there were so many people who were going through the same thing as well and who had experienced the same feeling, just in different context.



From their advice to fight loneliness, I have created this list. A lot of people do the same thing which is great. Taking walks, journaling and listening to podcasts were among the most mentioned.



I’m really glad I reached out to hear from peers like me. It helped me feel I wasn’t alone. Since posting I’ve purchased a weighted blanket for sleeping. I’ve found it helps keep the anxiety down and I personally like the pressure. And of course, a little weed doesn’t hurt nobody either.

I want to thank everyone who contributed and reached out. We are all in this together and we can learn from each other on this one.

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