Mindfulness52: An Introduction

Mindfulness52: An Introduction


I’m guilty. I haven’t always been that person who eats healthy, exercises every day, gets 8 hours of sleep every night and makes sure to check in with my mental health.

The past couple months have been hard. Between the end of a relationship and trying to figure out what I want at this stage of my life, I’ve turned to fitness (shout out to my amazing boss Lisa for getting me to try a new gym) and mindfulness. To some people, they would probably have turned to alcohol or food or self-pity (I did have a pretty crazy month in May/June), but honestly, I’ve done that all before.

I’m turning 25 in January and I’m no longer here to just let whatever happen, happen. I’m here to make it happen. And with that being said, I’m starting Mindfulness52.

Mindfulness52 is going to be a big component of the Life section of BHAUS. Here I will share recipes, exercise ideas, what I’m doing for my health and other topics pertaining to anything mindful.

I’m finding myself in a position now where I have more time to think about myself and take the time to understand what I want right now, not years in the future, and how I can live a happy life. I changed my mindset to think about what I can do now, and I’m going to let that help shape the future.

Through Mindfulness52, I’ll be sharing my stories on how I’ve battled my mental illness, created happiness for myself and how I’ve really turned to fitness in a time of need. As well, partnered with my new podcast coming soon, An Abundance of Things! With Brett, I will have guests share how they’ve found mindfulness in their lives and how you can too.

Stay tuned folks! The first Mindfulness52 post is coming this week.

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