Branding Concept

Brett McNeil

HIGHT is not your regular cannabis company. They specialize in cannabis infused products to heighten your day and keep the buzz going longer.

HIGHT’s products are cruelty free, contain no parabens and are only made from Canadian grown cannabis. In doing so, they keep production in Canada and hire in Canada. 



Their Cannabis oil can be used in defusers and also in vape pens.



HIGHT stores will be launching in 2019 by appointment only to have the full in-store experience. The stores include a High Spa, where you can try the product before you buy it.


Swag to any store is crucial. HIGHT will have custom skateboards, toques and pins.

*HIGHT is a branding concept and therefore does not exist in real life. If you are interested in this brand or would like to make a brand together, let’s chat.


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